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It has been proven that you will learn faster and more effectively by learning from your mistakes. This is the main concept of this site.

There are thousands upon thousands of exercises in this database to help you improve yourself on your chosen topic, whether it’s verbs, vocabulary, right tense, ser/estar, etc…

When you make a mistake, you will receive the explanation why because this site is built on Spanish grammar rules.
It will show you the rule(s) that is/are to be used. Yes, also for all the 13.000 verbs.

For those who want to learn the language, we have the Visual library. There you can learn the words with the aid of images.
Or you can just start to train your verbs in any way you want.

Try our FREE exercises and be amazed how fast you pick up the language.

Please, read the about to have a good overview about this site.

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